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Classified Portal Development

The classified portal is one best online platform for an advertisement that enables buyers and sellers to post ads to increase their help and imagine awareness of their requirements.

Zion InfoSystem gives useful Classifieds Portals Development services and supports companies to search and post classified ads to showcase their products and services.

Zion InfoSystem gives 24x7 web service to create, grow and manage your classified portal with the specified features and many according to your specifications.

Zion InfoSystem, a first Job Portal Development company in Delhi, provides custom job portal development solutions that can make your recruitment process explained and helpful.

Points of Zion InfoSystem Classified portal

• User registration

• Paid/free advertisements

• Profile management system

classified portal

• Admin panel portal

• SMS alert activation

• Email alert for sellers and buyers

• Reminders

• Categories for the visitors

• Search ads by city, state, country, username, or keyword

• Approve AdSense ads to be displayed

• Power over HTML use in ads

• Limit the text size of ad postings

• Allow admin to be informed when new ads are posted

• Classified ad users can reach the ad poster without exposing the poster’s email

• Allows for paid or free ads

• Multiple fee scales for posting ads (allows you to have longer ad postings with higher fees)

• Allow admin to accept ads before posting

• Allow admin to allow images before posting

• Users can edit or delete their ads

• Admin can edit or delete all ads in the system

• Allows for limiting image posting (by image size, height, width and total count if desired)

• Allow image posting or shut it off entirely

• Control the number, file size, height and width of images posted

• Support for image approval before posting

• Coupon Module

• Responsive Design

• Image uploading option.

• Time limit option to run the advertisement

• SEO friendly portals

Classified ads are related to link both the sellers and buyers of assets and services. Luckily, the process of combining these two parties had been developed with the utilization of technological progress through online communications. Some of Companies company understands the need of a faster seller and buyer communication will certainly make their classified ads business run conveniently by putting this kind of marketing online.

Zion InfoSystem are the one who is unbeatable in this field. As we advanced web portals in nearly all kind of company, classified portal development is where we also exceed. Zion InfoSystem is dedicated customer service staff are all set 24-7 to welcome examinations and read the basic thoughts about our services. If you want to have a more thoughtful conversation about your registered portal, website or web application, our business critics is ready to help you at all times.

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